Wandering Jew  or T. Zebrina

Wandering Jew Plant is a trailing herbaceous plants in the Spiderwort family widely grown as indoor foliage plants in baskets. It grows well in partial shade outdoors and needs a well draining soil. This ease of growth makes it perfect as a houseplant. Not only is it prized for its beautiful showy purple leaves it is also effective at improving indoor air quality by filtering out 
benzene, TCE(trichloroethylene), toluene, and terpene.

Tips on growing:

Prune the plant often to keep the plant full and bushy.

Apply a weak general purpose fertilizer especially during the summer.

It needs bright indirect light to keep its vibrant color.

Water well during the summer and allow to dry out between watering. If the plant sits in wet soil for long periods it will cause root rot. Reduce the amount of watering in winter.

Pinch off the flowers to prevent the plants energy from going to seed production.

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